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Beginning of the year, I set up my print store. I had everything set up: I went to a printing shop in Munich to inform myself about the different kind of papers, set up the necessary technology on my website to make the sales, and marketed the print shop on my social media.

A lot of people were very interested, and also excited to purchase prints! After a couple of sales, it stayed quiet. I must say, I also expected a bit that the print store to run "by itself". I was quite wrong. Also, I did not devote the necessary time and energy to marketing or updating the print shop any further, as I was abroad for quite a few projects. Despite this, I was still searching for the best setup to use for the print shop. Should I drop-ship? It is quick, and easy when I am abroad, however I cannot give that personal touch that I want to give to the clients investing in my work.

With this learning curve over the last few months, I decided to stop my print shop for now. I will pick it up again beginning of next year with a new setup. I guess the theme we will go for is #limited and #exclusive. Therefore, stay tuned to this newsletter for any updates!


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