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2021 was a year, where luck was quite on my side. First I had won a trip to Iran with Iranomads, then a few months later, I had won the Artistic You course by Amanda Drost. Amanda is in my opinion one of the best wedding photographers in the Netherlands, and also a huge inspiration.

In my opinion, in the photography world, there are so many possibilities, approaches, and styles. It's a world that never stops developing, and therefore you always have more to learn. By doing and investing in these kinds of courses, you always learn something new and definitely pays off!

In Amanda's course, Artistic You, you learn how to work and think more creatively. It is all about finding your own voice in photography. Throughout the course, you get assignments where you have to focus on various aspects of photography and have to execute them. You also have one check in with Amanda herself, and also a final mentor session where you go through the end assessment. For me, it was a great means to do and find more own work, instead of photographing for clients. It also made me feel more comfortable in projects that I have in mind, and would love to execute. Like this, I was able to experiment a lot more in my photography, and let go of perfection.

Below, a few photographs I took during the course that I rounded off this month.


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